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Sonja Jocic
Sonja Jocic

''Experimental, multi-functional, seasonless and timeless fashion with a touch of luxury and a message of individuality and self-confidence, emotionally connected to the socially conscious wearer - unconventional people aware of human impact to the environment''



Sonja is a fashion designer based in Belgrade, Serbia


Currently she is a PHD student at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (since 2019). She obtained a master degree of Fine Arts specialized in Fashion Design at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Sweden (2014). Before her master she obtained a bachelor degree in Fashion Design and Textile Design at the Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies Belgrade, department: Textile School for Design, Technology and Management (2010) where she is working as a Teaching Assistant (since school year 2018/2019).Sonja is also a former contemporary dancer.


Sonja is a holder of seven prestige fashion awards: “The ELLE Fashion Award’’,“The TEXTIL Young Designer Award’’, “The BazArt Fashion Award Marija Kranjc”, ''The Best INTERNATIONAL Designer Award'', ''Harper's Bazaar Award'', ''Wannabe Best Digital Presentation Award''and ''Boris Nikolic Award''. Sonja holds one conceptual Art award ’’The Black Box Award’’ from Mikser Festival.

Beside her academic education, she complete
d an internship at the fashion brand Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair in Stockholm, Sweden. During that period she had not only the opportunity to assist the production team, do photo shoots and fashion shows at the Stockholm fashion week (2011,2012), but also the opportunity to assist in the atelier where she was working close to the designer and pattern maker developing mock-ups and toils for the AW12 collection, both womenswear and menswear

Experiments in duality and contrast in fabric, color and form are crucial for her label. She uses nontraditional materials combined with traditional fabrics, with sculptural and feminine but also androgynous silhouettes having always an opposite perception on common garment utility. Through the design process she is using a design technique that eliminates fabric waste through pattern cutting, origami shapes and draped layering. Sonja constantly explores the diversity of folding, pattern cutting and draping by developing a method for pattern making that aims order to reduce fabric waste to 0%. The silhouettes of Sonja Jocic garments are tightly linked to origami paper folding–the transformation of flat sheet of paper into a 3d shape without waste.

''A former dancer with a background in theatre, Sonja has a clear appreciation of the way fabrics move and fall on the body, both in motion and when still. If you like flowing lines, uber-texture and minimal, contemporary colour schemes then she is a designer to watch. Oversize, structural shapes seem to be a signature silhouette for the label and clever placement of statement colour gives the line real impact. Sonja’s pieces are also created with a zero waste policy - she is a designer who passionately believes that the industry can change its destructive impact and that the natural world doesn’t have to pay the price for beautiful fashion.'' The Glass Pineapple

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